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Another way of leveling/questing perhaps

on Sob Wrz 02, 2017 10:33 am
So, for a while I've been thinking that the game right now is too broad. A lot of people don't like games to be too linear, and look for games with more of an "Open World" feel. But to me this sever feels a little too broad, given that you can level up anywhere at any time. For example, at "low level" you can level up in karakura, hueco mundo, seireitei, or even at hell depending on your profession. I would love to see some changes in this, perhaps do it more exciting and feel like a real rpg, as well as making it easier to progress for people who have not played the game before.

The idea is, to take the current "Maps" (Karakura, Seireitei, Hueco Mundo, Hell) and maybe separate them into tiers. For example instead of someone being able to level on all places at any level, make it more like, Karakura 1-80, Seireitei 80-150 Hueco Mundo 150-220, Hell 220-300 (Just an example). This will make it easier for everyone who have not played this server before, and is having some difficulty understanding the game mechanics as well. I understand some people find this kind of "linear" leveling boring, but it doesn't have to be. This could be achieved maybe by instead of separating the facc, and pacc areas (I understand all areas are free now, this is just an example), make it so that you can unlock the "Next" area, or map, but advancing trough sagas or quests. For example, finish a quest that allows you to use a Garganta, or a Gate to go to SS. This quests of course won't be easy and will require the player to get a series of quests done maybe. This will help the progression feel less boring, and more challenging at the same time. Of course this quest would have to be challenging in some way, like collect items, kill monsters, do some travelling etc... Of course changing the entire game and making it this way would take a very long time, given that the admins would have to adjust almost every monster, damage, healing, defence, etc... but this could be a great idea for future versions of the server, it would definetly make the game feel more like an rpg, more like the bleach anime itself, ichigo doesn't just start a shinigami and is able to go to hell, hueco mundo and seireitei right away, he goes trought a lot of stuff before he is able to reach or "unlock" those areas Wink .

Another thing very important that the server is lacking at the moment, is the feel of achievement and the lack of continuation. Right now, once a player reaches level 100 and unlocks all the spells, the only thing left to do, is basically just get a good set (which is very easy at the moment), and then maybe just keep leveling to get the rest of the transformations. The player doesn't feel any sense of achievement, getting level 100 is very easy, and once you get level 100 you don't have any other "goals" too look forward to. This could be achieved by adding maybe level requirements to items, maybe adding more spells, making the transformations more meaningful, and maybe adding more quests with level requirements. Maybe even quests that give new spells. The players need something in order to keep them interested and playing in the server, not just grind 24/7 the same monsters just to get more level, which will give you nothing but hp/mana/cap.

This is just an overall idea that I had in my mind, right now it's 3:31 AM, I'm just throwing stuff out there, I will probably come back to this post tomorrow, and add more stuff, and if other players are interested feel free to add new ideas on how to make the game more interesting and fun to play.
(Sorry if there are some errors, I tried my best xD)
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Re: Another way of leveling/questing perhaps

on Sob Wrz 02, 2017 11:35 am
I don't like separating area's by levels. The idea was that all area's have some decent spawns for low and high levels, and I would like to keep it that way. I agree that there is no real need to lvl after lvl 100 at the moment, since grinding eq is very easy, this will be solved on next edition, we also plan to add some nice system to keep players busy and to let them increase strenght of their characters. I also plan to add some level requirements for quests and some items as well as adding one not very powerfull but usefull(mostly utility) spell at higher level. I want to keep "most important" spells of each vocation for lower level, since I don't like the idea of grinding level to actualy unlock spells which make your character unique. I like the idea of unlocking full potential of your character at lower level, while increasing his strenght with levels, that's why we will also make base damage of spells lower but scaling with skills higher, so that level's will be more meaningfull.
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